Technology Focus Areas

We are seeking innovative advances in the following technology focus areas.

Plant Biotechnology and Genomics

  • Novel genes and genetic technologies for improved plant traits, such as yield, drought, nitrogen utilization, disease control, nematode control, herbicide tolerance, insect control, and quality traits
  • Plant transformation technologies
  • Cloning technologies
  • Protein design
  • High efficiency protein expression systems
  • Proteomics, metabolomics, RNA analysis
  • Rapid and sensitive protein and nucleic acid detection
  • Gene expression and RNAi technologies
  • Bioinformatics and computational biology tools
  • High throughput DNA sequencing, genotyping, epigenetic analysis
  • Imaging and image analysis: from micro-scale to satellite imagery scale
  • Automated environmental sensing
  • Field deployable analytical methods and robotics

Plant Breeding Technologies

  • Plant breeding tools and methods, marker and sequence-assisted breeding
  • Field-deployable plant phenotyping technologies
  • Quantitative genetics methodologies and environmental modeling
  • Trait stacking technologies
  • Di-haploid seed production

Chemistry and Microbiology

  • Chemical or microbial technologies for control of insects, nematodes, diseases, plant growth, and/or abiotic stress for use in seed treatment and/or plant health applications
  • Formulation technologies for improved stability and controlled release of active ingredients