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With Rustler® Liquid Herbicide, chemfallow weed control has never been so simple. Rustler offers proven performance in a single product solution. And it delivers uncompromizing, cost-effective weed control on the toughest grassy and broadleaf weeds including Kochia, Wild Buckwheat, Foxtail Barley and Wild Oats. With that kind of broad spectrum performance, Rustler is the only chemfallow product you’ll need this year. Get the one product, one pass solution. Get Rustler Liquid Herbicide for your chemfallow weed control.


Chemfallow - A Better Option

With Rustler® Liquid Herbicide as your summerfallow solution, you can say goodbye to dusty, time-consuming and expensive tillage passes. In the process, you’ll go easy on your acres by saving precious moisture for the next year’s crop.

Why is this important? Soil moisture is the single biggest factor influencing your next crop’s yield potential. In fact, every inch of moisture (over 5”) can mean a potential yield increase of four bushels an acre or more1.


Performance Inquiry Service

You have our commitment to quality and support for customer product inquiries within one service day.

When you buy Rustler, you’re buying into a level of quality and support that can’t be beat. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with your investment with our industry-leading after-sales support. If you have inquiries about product performance, simply call Monsanto’s CustomCare® line at 1-800-667-4944.



1 Source: Montana State University.


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