Roundup Ready Corn 2

Broad Spectrum Weed Control
The Roundup Ready Corn 2 System provides unsurpassed weed control.

  • Early-season weed control is critical for early corn plant development and maximum genetic yield potential. Roundup agricultural herbicides can provide that protection.
  • Because Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Ultra herbicides are so effective, you may need to apply only one post-emergence product.

Compare Roundup agricultural herbicides to other post-emergence herbicides. You'll find Roundup WeatherMAX in the Roundup Ready Corn 2 System gives you broader, more consistent control on grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Start Clean, Stay Clean.™

  • Early-season weed control is critical to maximizing yield potential.
  • It reduces weeds to reduce the weed seed bank.
  • It gives you better flexibility for maximum weed control - pre to late-post.
  • Timely applications and the appropriate rate of Roundup WeatherMAX will give you unsurpassed broad-spectrum weed control. Because Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide is so effective, it may be the only post-emergence product you need.

Convenience and Application Flexibility
The Roundup Ready Corn 2 System has flexibility built right in:

  • Simplifies your weed control program and provides greater flexibility to manage around the weather.
  • Wider window of post-emergence herbicide application in case the weather does not cooperate - up to eight-leaf stage. This weather safety factor puts you in control of your spray schedule.
  • Opportunity to control late annual weed flushes.
  • Increased ability to spray at the best possible time.
  • Roundup WeatherMAX can provide consistent performance even when spray conditions are less than ideal.

Outstanding Crop Safety
The Roundup Ready Corn 2 System delivers proven crop safety - and peace of mind. Lowering your risk of crop injury can deliver more bushels an acre than conventional corn herbicide programs.

  • Because Roundup agricultural herbicides are specifically designed for Roundup Ready Corn 2, you can get superior crop safety compared with other non-glyphosate post-emergence herbicides.
  • The Roundup Ready Corn 2 System can reduce potential yield loss from crop injury.
  • Grower on-farm trials have shown that using Roundup agricultural herbicides with built-in crop safety on Roundup Ready Corn 2 can yield more bushels per acre than certain other conventional herbicide programs (applied over the same Roundup Ready hybrid).
Roundup Ready Corn 2