High Concentration Formula

Western Canada

High Concentration Formula - More Time Spraying - Less Time Filling

All of Monsanto’s Roundup Branded herbicides are available in a High Concentration, a formula that delivers added convenience and handling efficiency. The concentrated 540g/L formulation of Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Transorb HC is 12.5% more concentrated than Vantage® Plus MAX and 33% more concentrated than Touchdown® iQ®.

What does that mean to you? With Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Transorb HC, you’ll handle up to 33% less product than some imitators. That means fewer containers to store, transport, empty, rinse and dispose of. And the new formulation foams less to allow for easier and cleaner filling of your spray tank, so you can get back to the field quickly.

Comparison Chart

Roundup Original Roundup WeatherMAX or
Roundup Transorb HC
One 10 L jug of
Roundup WeatherMAX or
Roundup Transorb HC
.50 L/ac 0.33 L/ac 30 acres
.75 L/ac 0.50 L/ac 20 acres
1.00 L/ac 0.67 L/ac 15 acres
1.25 L/ac 0.83 L/ac 12 acres
1.50 L/ac 1.00 L/ac 10 acres
1.75 L/ac 1.17 L/ac 9 acres
2.00 L/ac 1.33 L/ac 8 acres

With the Roundup Brands, you’ll cover more acres in a day.