Conserving More


Farmers are stewards of the earth. Every day they work to get the most from their land while conserving natural resources for future generations.  

With ever-growing demands for their products, the pressure is mounting on farmers around the world to produce more food, clothing and energy. But as demand grows, supplies of basic inputs like land, water and energy are limited. 

Innovation can provide solutions to the challenges facing agriculture. Advanced seeds and improved management practices that make the most efficient use of land, water and energy are vitally important to sustainable agriculture.  

Monsanto is committed to delivering innovative tools and technologies that help farmers conserve more resources.  

In 2008, we set the goal of reducing by one-third the soil lost, the greenhouse gases emitted, and the land, water and energy resources needed to produce a unit of our core crops. Through a combination of advanced breeding, biotechnology and improved farm-management practices, we are confident that together with farmers we can reach this target by 2030 or sooner.