Settling the Matter

When Monsanto discovers issues of patent infringement during the Field Check Program, we do not immediately rush to file a lawsuit in the local courthouse.

Monsanto is not in the business of suing farmers. We do everything we can to settle matters amicably and outside the courtroom. Any decision to engage in litigation with a farmer is taken with great care and consideration for the individual facts and circumstances. 

It’s important there is fairness in the entire Field Check process, and that includes any settlement negotiations. Dan Wright, Monsanto’s Intellectual Property Protection Lead, has personally met with farmers who admit they have breached the terms of the agreement they signed and works with farmers to negotiate out of court settlements. “If someone is willing to try to resolve their breaches, we make every effort to do that.  We want to see our Field Check concluded as much as the farmer does.”

Monsanto has made the public commitment that it will never profit because of a  bad decision made by a  customer. Every dollar collected as a result of Technology Protection violations supplements Monsanto Canada’s existing corporate giving program that provides funds to charitable programs that benefit rural residents and rural communities across Canada. 

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