Saving Seeds

 One of the commitments in the TSA is a promise by farmers not to save patented seed from their harvest and plant it the following year. It’s fair to say that when this condition was first introduced, it generated a lot of discussion. Farmers had been saving seeds from their harvest for re-planting for many years.  But it’s important to keep in mind that farmers in the past were saving seeds that naturally occurred, not the type of enhanced-trait seeds Monsanto has developed for today’s farmers. Ultimately, farmers make the choice to purchase Monsanto’s seed technology and they make the conscious choice to sign the TSA.   

The results of our annual Field Check Program demonstrate there is wide-spread acceptance by farmers of the terms and conditions outlined in the TSA. The vast majority of the farmers we meet have no trouble honoring the terms and commitments they accepted when they signed their TSA. They are prepared to purchase new patented seed for each growing season, mainly because they are getting the economic and environmental benefits they want and need on their farm. As an agriculture-only business, we recognize we can only be successful when  we developing products that bring value and that farmers want.