Field Check Procedure

Since the launch of Roundup Ready® technology in Canada, there have been magazine articles and documentary movies that portray a negative impression of the people who work as Field Check representatives.

It is true that some of the people who are contracted to work as Field Check representatives may have retired from a law enforcement career. However, we also have Field Check representatives who are farmers, crop inspectors, firefighters, or businessmen and they come from many different walks of life.  The people who work as Field Check representatives live and work in the communities where they are conducting their Field Checks. They are active in their local communities, sometimes curling or coaching hockey alongside the farmers they are visiting. Some are parents, or even grandparents, who raised children in the community where they do Field Checks for Monsanto.

The Field Check representatives who work for Monsanto during the growing season are independent third party professionals who are all expected to abide by the terms of Monsanto’s Technology Protection Field Check Commitment. And we survey the farmers selected for a Field Check to ensure they have been treated fairly and with respect. Following a Field Check, we confirm that our Field Check representatives were polite and courteous during their visit and that they explained the purpose of the Technology Protection Program. We make sure they provided identification to prove they were authorized to do this work for Monsanto.

In our grower surveys, we hear about Field Checks that a farmer enjoyed because of the friendly conversation they had with our Field Check representative. And, we always take pride when a farmer tells us that the Field Check representative improved their understanding and overall image of our program. Often after going through a Field Check, a farmer sees the program in a more positive light.