Monsanto Canada comment on March against Monsanto

Monsanto Canada Inc. 5/19/2016

As a company, Monsanto is committed to open dialogue with consumers about food and agriculture.  The 22,000 people of Monsanto - including our 300 employees across Canada - are proud of the work we do, and we’re eager for people to know more about us. 

As our world continues to grow, we’re all counting on farmers to help provide enough safe, affordable food for everyone.  The use of biotechnology is one of the tools that can help farmers grow crops more efficiently, protect biodiversity and provide all of us with a more abundant and affordable food supply.

We respect each individual’s right to express his or her own point of view on these topics and we understand and appreciate that consumers want to know where their food comes from, how it’s produced, and how safety is ensured.

At Monsanto, we believe we’re making a contribution by helping farmers produce more from their land while conserving natural resources such as water and energy.

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