Monsanto offers $100K in donated inputs to Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects

Monsanto Canada Inc. 3/16/2009

(Winnipeg, Manitoba – Mar. 16, 2009) – Monsanto Canada today announced it will continue its annual practice of offering $100,000 in donated farm inputs to support the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s 2009 Community Growing Project program.

Farmer volunteers who manage the Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects will have the opportunity to work with their local Monsanto Canada field representative to access Roundup Ready® technology, Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides, DEKALB® seed and other Monsanto products for use in their community growing project.  Last year, over 100 Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects took advantage of the Monsanto product offer in order to reduce their input costs and pass along a larger donation of grain and cash to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Farmer volunteers who manage the growing projects within their community will have between now and March 29th to submit their requests for product through their local Monsanto representative. Once all the requests have been received and catalogued, Monsanto representatives will enter them into their system and then get back to the local growing projects with confirmation of their request and details regarding where and when they can pick up their product.  All requests will be entered during the week of March 30-April 3, 2009.

“Monsanto products and technologies are used by farmers across the country and we are happy to make them available to those farmers who are also growing a crop for donation to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank,” said Trish Jordan, public affairs director with Monsanto Canada. “This has been a very popular program and we hope to once again assist as many growing projects as possible while ensuring balanced distribution of our donation across all participating provinces.”

Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects typically involve farmers and other supporters in rural communities coming together to grow a crop that will be donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Once harvested, the proceeds from crops grown on community growing projects are donated to the Winnipeg-based aid agency for use in its food programming activities overseas. To learn more about the Canadian Foodgrains Bank visit

“By receiving donated inputs growing project volunteers are able to increase the amount of grain and cash they can contribute to our work of ending hunger,” said Jim Cornelius, executive director of Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “We are grateful for the support provided by Monsanto Canada.”  

In addition to supporting the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Monsanto Canada’s corporate giving program supports associations or programs with a focus on science and agricultural education; agricultural awareness; leadership and development opportunities for rural youth; and farm safety. For information on Monsanto Canada’s corporate giving program, visit

For more information contact:

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Monsanto Canada Canadian Foodgrains Bank
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