2011 News

November November 24 Monsanto Canada’s “Build a Better House” community curling club improvement program now accepting applications
October October 21 Genuity® VT Double PRO™ RIB Complete™ receives regulatory approvals
October 21 DEKALB® Brand Adds Genuity® VT Double Pro™ to RIB Complete™ Offering
October 20 Monsanto’s canola seed manufacturing site in Cranbrook, BC to be awarded “Star” certification for health and safety record
September September 12 Monsanto hands out university scholarships to farm kids
August August 24 DEKALB® Brand seed releases yield estimator app
August 8 DEKALB’s 73 Series canola hybrids continue momentum in FACT Trials
July July 25 DEKALB® Brand Seed Launches Second Edition of 5-Bean Pod Challenge!
June June 10 DEKALB® Brand Seed to Offer ‘RIB CompleteTM’ Products to Canadian farmers for 2012 Planting
June 10 Canadian Regulatory Approvals Received for Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete™ Products
June 9 Monsanto Canada’s Genuity® Project makes funds available for farm communities in Ontario, Quebec
May May 3 Glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane confirmed in Ontario
April April 25 Two new DEKALB® brand canola hybrids now registered
March March 22 Manitou Curling Club takes home Grand Prize in Monsanto’s “Imagine a Better House” community curling club improvement contest
March 22 Monsanto Opportunity Scholarships available to rural high school students in 2011
March 16 Made in Manitoba Breakfast Set to Soar
March 1 DEKALB® brand releases additional supplies of 73 series canola hybrid
February February 16 Two new DEKALB® 73 Series canola hybrids
February 3 weedtool.com now available to farmers in eastern Canada
January January 6 Monsanto Canada Preparing for Off-Patent Roundup Ready® Soybean Environment